What is an online memorial?

What is an online memorial? An online memorial is a virtual memorial where we post the funeral arrangements.  This online system allows people to:

  • See when and where the funeral is taking place
  • People can leave tributes or memories of your loved ones.
  • We can add a link so people can donate to the charity of your choice.
  • You can photos so people can remember them by.

Online Growing and Offline Shrinking

More and more people are choosing to put announcements out this way as less and less people are buying newspapers nowadays. Figures show that circulation of local newspapers are now less than half what they were in what they were in 1994.  This way it is a lot more personal and people can see all the lovely messages friends and family leave them. Here you can see examples of online memorials on the RW Barrett and Son Announcements page. 

What is an online memorial?

Each online memorial has dedicated web pages which can be used to easily create personalised content, and to build up a more complete picture of the deceased’s life and times than is possible in traditional obituaries.

No special skills or computer expertise are required you just head to RW Barrett website and click on announcements.