What is a local independent funeral director?

What is a local independent funeral director? RW Barrett and Son are a local independent family firm of Funeral Directors in Newcastle upon Tyne, independent funeral directors are typically family businesses unlike large conglomerate such as Co-op and Dignity. Personal service and attention to detail are very important to us, and the dignity of the deceased is paramount at all times. These three important points have helped us to successfully move forward and we have a reputation for providing a high standard and keenly priced funeral.


Ronnie Barrett has been a funeral director since 1966 and in 2008 together with his wife Pat and son Steven they opened their funeral home on the West Road Newcastle and later extended our service by opening a second funeral home in West Denton.

When the question ‘What is a local independent funeral director?’ is asked we believe that our company represent all that is good about the profession. We adhere to strict professional standards that we believe are essential in order to offer the best service. Ronnie has been qualified since 1984 and Steven has been qualified since 2015.

At R W Barrett and Son we have built a reputation we are extremely proud of. The combination of our skills enables us to give our clients a very personal and unique affordable service, and if our clients are satisfied then we have achieved our goal. R W Barrett and Son supply only the best, whether it be coffins, caskets, memorials or flowers. We are confident that all of our services are of the highest standard.