What are funeral disbursements?

What are funeral disbursements? Disbursements are costs that are out of the control of the Funeral Director and have to be paid to a third party.

So – What are funeral disbursements? The following items are examples of disbursements

  • Cremation fee  – this is the cost of the cremation itself.
  • Burial fees –
    • Grave fee -the fee for the purchase of a grave.
    • Grave opening fee- this is the fee for the opening of a grave purchased or a grave already purchased.
    • Interment fee
    • New grave fee.
  • Doctors certificates- Doctors fees- a two part form that is required by law to be completed by two doctors in order for a cremation to take place (this fee is not applicable if the death is being dealt with by the coroner).
  • Minister fee – a fee for the minister to take a funeral service.
  • Newspaper notice – announcement to be published in the newspaper

Download our funeral plan brochure below for full details:

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