How much does a funeral cost?

How much does a funeral cost? Funeral prices can depend on a lot of difference factors and your individual wishes. For example whether you wish to have a burial or a cremation, how many limousines you would like, whether you wish to visit your loved ones in our chapel of rest.

Burial Vs Cremation

Burials tend to be more expensive due to cost of the purchase of a grave.  Newcastle have introduced a wide range of graves to give people as many options as possible when arranging the burial of a loved one. For many the lawn grave is considered to be the best option but for others a more traditional, elaborate and larger type of memorial is required.

Cremations can cost less than a burial. Also people prefer to decide the final resting place of their loved ones. You can keep the cremated remains in an urn, scatter or bury them.  A lovely place you may wish to consider is the Garden of Remembrance at the West Road Crematorium. The garden is used continually for this purpose and so it is not possible to mark the exact location of individual cremated remains. The Garden of Remembrance is a great place you can visit and includes a variety of memorial facilities.

Things to consider

  • Would you like flowers?
  • Would you like an announcement in the newspapers?
  • What transport arrangements would you like?
  • Are there any other special arrangements you would like us to make? i.e. horse drawn hearse.

All the above affect “how much does a funeral cost?”

It seems like there are many options and choices so our funeral directors are there to listen to you needs and guide you through the process so you get exactly what you require. We can call out to your home or arrange a meeting in one of our offices to discuss everything that is involved and to clear any questions up that you may have.